Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bill Ovrights

Author of: Duplicity

Book blurb:
The crime of the century appears to have been committed in Gotham City. Sunday has gone missing, assumed kidnapped, the week before Christmas 2010. The Native American psychic agent, Detective NAPA, has just five days to save Christmas. He works his way through a maze of deception, receiving assistance from the most unlikely of sources, before discovering the truth and reaching the end(s).

As an introduction, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm a 49 year old child.

What is your book about?
Optimism, secrets and deception. Nothing is as it appears to be.

When and why did you begin writing?
I always wanted to write a book and was never sure whether I would or could. I made a couple of abortive formulaic attempts 3-4 years ago.

Three months ago I had an idea and the book wrote itself - but I needed about 20 rewrites before getting it to what I believe is the final version.
Having written it, I now know it takes commitment, dedication and perseverance to write it. Then commitment, dedication and perseverance to critically edit, revise and proof read. Then commitment, dedication and perseverance to market it.

What genre do you prefer to write in?
Surreal, satirical and stupid - the world I wish to live in, where anything is possible.

What is your biggest writing achievement to date?
To have finished my first book. My biggest writing achievment by the end of this year will be to have finished my second book.

What inspired you to write this book?
Reading a book - Robert Rankin - Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse.

Who is your favourite author, and what is it about their work that strikes a chord with you?
Kurt Vonnegut for his irreverent humour and ability to bring humour to the most serious of issues.

What book are you reading now, and would you recommend it?
I've been absorbed in writing for twelve weeks - prior to that I read a couple of Robert Rankin Brentford trilogy books - thoroughly recommended.

What are your current projects?
I have ideas for two or three more Detective NAPA books - one more in Gotham City. I'll probably take him to Wonderland and/or Neverland and I have a plan to take him somewhere else in ten years (I know where but I can't tell you).

Where and when do you do most of your writing?
I'm lucky - I only work three days a week, so pretty much when the mood takes me, with Radio 6 on.

What would you say was the hardest part of writing your book?
The writing of it was easy - the 20 rewrites were the hardest.

Who designed your book cover – and was the cover something you deemed important?
I have designed the initial one - it is important. I am waiting for a local illustrator to give me his design. The deal is he does it for free. If he wants to produce an illustrated 'tale for tots' we will split the profits 51/49. He can have sole rights to produce further illustrrations of Detective NAPA and if it gets picked up for any marketing deals, the split is 51/49.

Did you try to go down the route of traditional publishing first – or did you feel that self-publishing was right for you from the beginning?
I submitted a brief outline to JK Rowling's literary agent. Aim high. This was the only agent I tried and decided to self publish once I'd received the rejection, justifiable based on my submission.

On the whole, how have you found self-publishing?
Easy. liberating.

Where can we buy the book? for children aged 19 to 99.

I intend releasing this version in paperback (for £6.99 or £5.99) as soon as the illustrator of the book cover, has provided a final version
Do you have a website or blog where we can keep tabs on you?

Not as such - detectivenapa on facebook and - awaiting a crawl from the internet robots
Do you have any advice for other writers? is an arts council website. It's great for feedback from other authors (in return for you giving feedback) and turned what were a bunch of good ideas I had, into a readable book. Submit. Take the feedback on board. Amend. Resubmit. And repeat a lot of times.
And, finally, do you have anything else that you’d like to say to everyone?

Don't believe all you read

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