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Kelvin V A Allison



Book blurb:

'birth is not the beginning; death is not the end'

Six individuals across England suddenly remember their past lives, leading back through time to the 5th century and seek each other out, stunned to discover that they each now possess supernatural abilities such as teleportation, pyrokenesis and so on. But then the memory returns that one of them is a killer and has been killing the other five for millennia. A race across England begins as the other five struggle to stay alive and break the cycle.

As an introduction, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 39 years old, bald, bearded and sarcastic. Originally I come from Portsmouth on the south coast of England but four years ago i moved to Hartlepool where I now live with my partner, son, neurotic Siberian husky and a pair of kamikaze goldfish, the north east fuelling my passion for writing with its cold wind, rain and stormy seas.

What is your book about?

Basically my new novel is about past lives and the belief that there is something more than just the life we live now. I have long been fascinated by the thought of fate and of people being trapped in a never ending cycle. So I thought I would add some horror to the subject and tell the tale of people who keep returning with their memories intact but the reason why lost to them...for now.

When and why did you begin writing?

I have always written as far as I can remember, penning endless short stories or novels that never got past the first chapter before I NEEDED to write something else. It was August 2008 that I actually began my debut novel SKIN SHIFTERS and finished it two months later which was quite a fulfilling emotion. Since then I have written 17 novels in total.

What genre do you prefer to write in?

I am odd. I am in a pattern of writing a gore/strong horror novel and then following it with a novel from one of my two series (world of sorrow which is halfway through the third and final trilogy or the hope chronicles which is awaiting the last off the first trilogy) which are pop culture horror, slightly more light hearted. I need to have that break between the strong horror as i put so much into it emotion wise that i get quite grim and meloncholy. Hahahaha I suffer for my art

What is your biggest writing achievement to date?

Either having my style likened to the late author David Gemmell or writing PANDEMONIUM which is 568 pages long in just 4 weeks. It just flowed from me and seemed to write itself!

What inspired you to write this book?

Again it was purely my desire to try something that i hadnt seen in horror that often. I try and bounce various horror ideas about and have used plants, ghosts, reincarnation, scarecrows, elementals and so on ranging the locations from places such as Pripyat beside Chernobyl, a forest in japan, the london underground, the abandoned area of Detroit and so on. Variety is the spice of life!

Who is your favourite author, and what is it about their work that strikes a chord with you?

Its quite strange becuase as much as i love to write horror i am not a huge fan of the genre. I love David Gemmell the late fantasy author however and have all of his novels. His character work was amazing and he had an amazing gift of introducing a loveable, likeable character who you could relate too only to kill him horribly three pages later. I love that and in my own work i try to make every character imporant.

What book are you reading now, and would you recommend it?

I have just finished reading The Laughing Corpse, book 3 of the Anita Blake series of novels and i am loving them.

What are your current projects?

Well, i have just finished RENASCENTIA so i am now looking to write World of Sorow 8; something wicked this way comes....

Where and when do you do most of your writing?

Night time is the right time for me. Once my partner and son are asleep and the fish and husky have decided to behave it is writing time and i often write from 8pm through till 2am

What would you say was the hardest part of writing your book?

Fighting to keep with it and not start a new idea. it is something that my mind struggles with constantly. I can sit on a bus and get a new idea for a novel. Its more of a curse than a blessing to be honest though and is probably the reason i write so quickly.

Who designed your book cover – and was the cover something you deemed important?

I do the majority of my covers myself but i do have friends that take photos and allow me to use them. For me the cover is important as it is the thing that catches my eye in a book store or library.

Did you try to go down the route of traditional publishing first – or did you feel that self-publishing was right for you from the beginning?

No, it isnt something that appeals to me if i am honest. Self publishing allows me to retain full control and my OCD needs that hahaha. I have written 17 books in 4 years because they needed to be written not for the money. It would be nice of course but I do not write to make money and i am sure any author that is honest feels the same. If this were medieval times we would be travelling from village to village telling our tales. It is part of our souls, an integral par of who we are. I like to think that we are the children that survived adulthood.

On the whole, how have you found self-publishing?

Scary at first but overall extremely liberating. I used to be bothered by peole asking me if i had a publishing deal and then when i tell them i self publish, frowning and saying, you're not a REAL author?"
I am beyond that now. We write. They are books. We ARE authors. It is no different to the bedroom DJ that makes his music and there is no shame in it whatsoever.

Where can we buy the book?

The novel will be available through my online shop and also through who i publish through.

Do you have a website or blog where we can keep tabs on you?

There is my facebook page Kelvin V.A Allison novels which i keep up to date and people are more than free to add me on facebook under my name Scoobert Mills...i'm sure i am the only one hahaha.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Never give up. Get your story out there. But write for yourself most of all. Don't let naysayers or skeptics knock you down because you self publish. You ARE an author.

And, finally, do you have anything else that you’d like to say to everyone?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you do read anything of mine dont hesitate to email me some feedback, good or bad. It all helps. God bless x

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